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Complain about restaurant

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November 7 , 2018

Gicu Stravone
Pizzeria din Deal
Ciric Road
Ref: Unsatisfactory service
Dear Mr. Gicu,

I have been a regular customer of your restaurant since you opened three years ago. I have been coming back and bringing friends and family to the place because of great-tasting food.
Last November 6, I brought my family to your restaurant once again for a joyous celebration. Sadly, we had to leave your restaurant without tasting the food. Thirty minutes passed before a waiter took our orders.  We were told that the food would be served promptly. An hour passed and when another waiter finally assisted us, the food was still unserved. Frustrated, we left the restaurant and went home, no longer in a celebratory mood.

I hope your restaurant improves its service soon.  The high number of customers should not be a cause for delay lest customers like us be put off despite the good food.

Best wishes,

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That's what's happening in big restaurants, that's it. You have to be patient all the time. No one can serve you in 5 minutes. Patience is best suited to these situations


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Complain about restaurant