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A waste of time

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I woke up in the morning after a nightmare and  I was sweaty and confused. In the nightmare I saw this really disgusting girl (she was really dirty and blood tears dripped from her eyes) that was turning against me every person I have ever cared about. It probably doesn't seem so scary but it felt very real.
                  I had a bad morning: my makeup was a mess, I dropped everything from my hand, I even forgot to brush my teeth( the entire day went wrong, actually). I was wearing a hoodie and my hair in a pony tale, I couldn't focus in class and my teachers have scolded me for that. That day I had the gym class too and guess what? I forgot my equipment. I just had a pair of shorts in my locker and a XL T-shirt with a  lion printed on it (don't even ask, I don't know why that T-shirt was in my locker) and I also borrowed from a friend a pair of sneakers(unfortunately they were size 39 and I am a 37 girl). I wanted to skip class so bad but I had to earn some grades. I was ashamed with the way I looked and all I could think about was ''WHAT THE HELL WILL PEOPLE SAY ABOUT ME??????!! ''. They laughed of course, but guess who got a 10? Anyway, they forgot really quick.
                 That was the day when I said ''screw them''. I didn't care about their opinion anymore because their opinion changes from minute to minute  and simply because their opinion doesn't matter. They are so frustrated that's why they are throwing away  hate.
                 I know, my example wasn't the best one and I didn't think that I could actually learn something from that stupid day but surprise!



It's great that you realized that other people's opinions don't matter that much. The hard part is acting with that in mind. The story is a not very detailed and a bit too short, though.



Society made us care more of what other people think of us than how we feel. I believe no one should change and try to be something else just for others. Let people judge you. I like the story and the only think that I can point out is that it's indeed quite short. But beside that, great work!



Youíre story itís nice even though your day wasnít really like that but the good part of everything it that you took a ten and you didnít care about what other said about you wearing an outfit that doesnít fit on you.



The message here is that we should not judge a person based on what she wears and we should focus more on talent and qualities than on appearence. It is very sad that we forgot to be ourselves just because we want to be accepted by the others when, in fact, all we have to do is be ourselves and believe in the fact that we are all special in our own different ways.
Great essay!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A waste of time