In the spring break me and my family decided to go to Brasov to spend more time together and to have fun. We took the train and we stayed into a carload with two best friends that were gossip all the time and they were way too loud. They were ''the mean girls'' from the highschool, but I have to admit, some of the gossips were funny. I love taking the train. I think that the landscapes seen from the window are so beautiful and I always try to memorize them so I can paint them when I get home. An other thing I love while taking the train is that I can see a lot of characters. I can see different personalities, different styles, different features( I think it's really interesting to analyze people).We arrived in Brasov at 10pm and we went to a hotel to rent a room.  It was already late so we decided to rest.
               The next day we took a walk and we discovered a little library and a very artistic cafe. I love the streets and the  buildings from Brasov because I think they are so artistic and noble. Whatever, we really liked the library and the cafe because they were both little, quiet and private.The cafe had a scene and a lot of people were singing and telling poems. It was a calm atmosphere. What was also great about that place is that the people who were on the stage didn't want money, they were doing it for fun. The walls were grey and they were decorated with abstract paintings.The armchairs were yellow and on the wall, next to the armchair was a shelf with magazines. It was my dream cafe.
               We visited the Peles Castle, the Pelisor Castle, and the Bran Castle. My parents went to the Horror House too but I decided to stay out and look for souvenirs because I can't deal with horror things. We stayed in Brasov for a week and everyday we went to that cafe. It was our discovery,one of our favourite places.
               While I was in Brasov I felt free and calm. I can't wait to go there again especially for that cafe.