The world is a place full of pleasant surprises and sometimes unpleasant surprises, beautiful places and very disgusting places. Each person has seen at last once a place that seemes disgusting, a place you want to leave as soon as possible.
                     This happened to me one day, i was in the most disgusting place I've ever seen. My family and I had to move out of the house where we lived, because of problems, so my parents started to look for an apartment for rent in which we can move. 
I went with them to see one of the apartments, but I didn't expect what I saw in that place. We met the owner who drove us to the apartment, even the road up there being terrible. The block was right in front of garbage cans, the smell being hard to bear. The stairwell was in a deplorable condition, the stair and the railing were broken and dirty, but the smell was the worst part. In the end we arrived in the apartment, where we werewelcomed by the biggest cockroach I've ever seen, but I wasn't even surprised that there were cockroaches since the place was in a terrible condition. The two chambers were full of mold on the walls, they had an torn and dirty parquet and two used beds full of spots. The kitchen was full of fat on the walls, and the cooker and the fridge were very dirty, and even in the fridge we found clay. The bathroom was even  dirtyer than the rest of the rooms together, beside the lack of a bathtub, also it smelled like a canal.
                      We left that place as quickly as possible  disgusted with everything we saw, especially as the apartment looked very good in the ad, but in reality it was disgusting.

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