I was just entering the door when I heard my parents fighting. They were fighting about some money. I interrupted them and I said ''Hello!'' but they were really mad so they both started to yell at me. My parents are also very strict and they said I came home late and stuff like that. But honestly, I think that night they just wanted to throw their nerves on somebody. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to make things worse. The next day my mother came to me and apologized but not entirely. She said that I shouldn't come home so late because there are all sorts of people on those streets and she said that she didn't know what she will do if anything would happen to me. I apologized too and then I asked about the fight she had with my father but of course she didn't tell me anything.
                But that night the fight continued. I heard everything. It is unbelievable how money can make a family shake. I went to their room and I put myself between them and I told my parents to stop fighting. I couldn't focus on anything but them. I saw a lot of families getting destroyed by money and I couldn't let my family falling apart.
                I begged them to solve the problem and stop fighting because me and my sister were sad. At first they didn't really listen to me because they are stubborn but in the end they understood that they need to think about their children's feelings.
                Money does not buy your happiness but they maintain you. I think that they are the biggest problem because people would do anything for them.