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An argument in the family

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If there is one thing that I despise, that I loathe, that I HATE from the darkest and deepest corner of my being, it’s being interrupted while I’m writing, drawing and reading! It’s horrendous, it’s a crime, disastrous and purposefully evil. Well that is exactly what my grandmother loves to do! She just waltzes into my room patting me on the back saying: “ good job” AND the worst of it, the “creature” even talks and usually it’s something like: “go clean..”, “go wash...”, “ go light up the fire”. Want to know the “best part”? She does it well knowing the fact that i can’t stand being interrupted while doing my “holy trinity of hobbies”. And she keeps doing it over and over and over and OVER again, no matter how many times I tell her: “ please PLEASE for the love of whatever you believe in and what you hold dear, STOP interrupting me, I beg you, you know I don’t like it one bit!!”.
She tells me that she won’t do it again, but guess what? You thought she keeps her promises? ....... Jokes on you! Haha...she doesn’t! I don’t even know why I have to do the same chores everyday! It’s not like I’m the only living person in the house! There’s my brother, there is my sister, my father who mostly stays at home and does nothing. Why am I the only one doing something? Am I the slave that has to please the great masters or otherwise he would face a great punishment? I think not!! I don’t even complain when granny asks me to do the same ol’ chores when I’m doing something other that my “holy..” you know... the other day we fought again on the same subject and this time she had the nerve to say that I, I quote :” never do anything around this house, you sit all day long with that dammed phone on your bed and laugh like a dumbass”. Excuse you but you really must be getting old to forget form day to day that I am the only one that keeps the house decent. I’ll either start a revolution or I’ll run away from home, move at my friend.... and spend my quality time doing what I love most in peace.

ar fi trebuit sa fie o naratiune, o povestire, cu evenimente detaliate relatate la timpul trecut

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Even though it's not a story, I think it's still a great piece of writing. I can totally relate to it. It's like my parents wait for the exact moment when I am sitting comfortably on my bed to ask me to do something else. But you described it in such a wonderful way, exaggerating at times, that I found myself chuckling which was nice. I don't mean to put pressure on you, but I really hope you continue writing in this manner.



I think every kid or teen goes trough this. Parents tend to forget that even if we are young, we get stressed a lot and we need some alone time. You have no idea how many times I was told the exact same thing as you were told "never do anything around this house, you sit all day long with that dammed phone on your bed and laugh like a dumbass". I hate that so much too and even if you should've wrote a story, this is so relatable that it's like you speak my mind. I love your writing a lot and I hope I see more!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » An argument in the family