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Watch out for this evil creature

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When I was in middle school, I had this one classmate that i hope (from the bottom of my heart) that I will never see again.
    At first, I thought we would get along pretty well. She looked very angelic with her freckles and her little adorable face. It seemed like she was just a pretty blonde girl, but things turned out to be a little different.
    She was just mean to everyone, especially me; she was always saying bad things, lying and spreading rumors about me all of a sudden, even to the teachers, and the worst part was that everyone would beli...ve her; and whenever I would ask her why she did this, she would just tell me a bunch of horrible things that would always make me cry because I just couldn't stand up to her bullying.
    She would never let me forget that I was ugly, she was saying funny things about my name, even if there was nothing funny about it, and she would always say that I shouldn't be considered the smartest kid in the class because I was too stupid.
    At some point I didn't want to go to school anymore because I just couldn't bear it and I didn't know what to do.
    I haven't talked to her since I finished middle school, but I know she is a person just as horrible as she was back then, and I also know that she still hates me even if I never did anything to bother her and deserve this.
    I do not know and I guess I will never know what was her problem, but I think that deep down, even if she would never show it, she was just jealous.

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ok so this tipe of people are just jelous and you do not have to take it into account because they live only for make your life bad. Maybe you was the best in your class, but and she could be in your place, right? Why judge someone just because she's better than you? I don't know how you are or who, but I recommand you to not to take into account the bad comments, because there are some simple comments.



Gurl, I liked your story but I like your profile picture even more. And ignore the haters please.



     Exactly the same thing happened to me in the middle school with a girl (with the remark that this time the "aggressor" had dark hair). I could see pleasure in her eyes when she reached her daily goal: to make me feel small, ugly, stupid, seen monstrous in the eyes of others who would never accept me the way I am. It's been four years since then, but sometimes I remember her and the bad things she did to me.  :confused:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Watch out for this evil creature