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a trip to a great location

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I love going on trips with my family.They are the most important people in my life and i love spending time with them because they are loving are caring people.So,last summer my dad booked a  cabin near some mountains for my 15th birthday.
I slept on our way there so i had a lot of energy when we arrived.The place was absolutely stunning.The cabin was placed in the middle of the woods(a thing that my mum didn’t really enjoyed because she is kind of scared of the animals that live there),we could easely see the mou.....tains and i couldn’t wait to explore the nature.My mum and dad wanted to go to sleep because they were very tired so i went exploring right away(they were kind of worried but i promised i wouldn’t get lost).Firstly,i stayed close to the cabin,i took some photos but i got bored quickly so i decided to go deeper into the woods.I walked a lot,seeing the same thing and the same trees.I almost wanted to give up but something kept me going.Suddenly,a beautiful glade appeared in front of me.I felt like i was in a fairytale.There was a small river,i could see  butterflies flying around and rabbits jumping everywhere,even a dove who was enjoying some fresh watter.It definitely was a breathtaking place! I looked around for a place to start my picnic and I decided i should stay under a tall willow.I got my food out and began to eat it.I looked around and  i felt complete.I felt like there were no worries in the world.There was something special about that place,somthing that i could’t explain but I felt like it was soothing my soul.It’s weird.I never felt anything like this before.I never thought that a place could make you feel so peaceful just by looking at it.I was surrounded by nature and animals and i loved it.I wanted to stay there forever.Everything was kind of blurry after that.It felt like an actual dream.
”Darling wake up!!!”I woke up to the panicked voice of my mother.”What?Mum i had the most beautiful dream of a glade!”i said sleepily”That was not a dream.You are still here.Me and your dad have been looking for you.We were so worried!”.I was so confused.It felt like a dream.I looked around and I saw that the glade was still there so I,indeed, ........ felt asleep.
I still went  to the glade after that incident even tho....... I got in.... a bit of trouble with my parents but I was accompanied by them.Afterall,i had a lot of fun and i descovered a fantastic place that I wish to visit again as soon as possible.

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I liked the way you described the meadow and also how you connected the beauty of the nature to your own feelings. I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end and appreciated the detail you used to describe both your own emotions as well as the view and elements of the forest. The attention to the small, yet entertaining remarks really get the story going. I really enjoyed it and would like to read more of your work.



i really liked the way you described the landscape and you used the apropriate words.
You gave me a really nice and chill vibe. Keep doing this type of writtings.



wow! your text is very beautiful and I appreciate that you describe in very specific and little details. That make me feel like I was there with you and I could see the beautiful landscape and what nature offers to us and we should admire and be thankful for that.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » a trip to a great location