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A trip to a great location

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Last summer I visited the Paris on a family holiday, with my parents and my brother . A  very god thing about this holiday was that we didn't need to pay for a hotel room because my aunt has a penthouse in the center of the city . She was in Spain at that moment so we called  and asked her and she said yes. She sent us the keys and the entering password in a package before we left Romania. And i guess that we had an unlimited time holiday because  we didn't have a term for returning and we didn't need to hurry up.
........ First thing that we have done when we arrived  was a city center tour with a special bus and we bought some maps to know where to go next. After we go to my aunt's apartement and we take a day just to relax because the flight was very tiring . The apartment is really big and has some rooms just for relaxing , a jakuzii  ,  a bowling room and a mini football pitch inside ( the perfect house in my opinion) . Next day we visited the Luvru Museum , that was incredible . We had a very good guide who explain.... ..... us the most interesting things about the history of every famous picture and sculpture . After that we went to Eiffle Tower and the  view of the Paris from the top of the tower is absolutly amazing .We staid there all day just to see the sunset from the top and it's unforgettable . We visited also the Versailles Palace and "L'arc de triomphe" , that occupy.... a great place in the french history , and some others interesting places.
Paris is a great place for a holiday. My holiday lasted around 2 weeks and I had a lot of fun spending time with my family. I would like to return there someday.

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What a class trip, man..
How beautiful it can be to go on an exceptional trip to Paris without spending money for the hotel room? It is awesome to go with your family in a great and famous place like that. It looks like you've liked your family holiday and it was relaxing.
Hope I read more from you


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A trip to a great location