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A whole day at home

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It was summer and it was raining outside.  I am the type of person that loves to watch the rain but hate going through it. So I decided to stay in. At first I started to read a book but then I remembered that my grandmother had some weird pictures with some kids (some of them were levitating, some of them were incredible strong, some of them were flying and some of them were able to control fire). She told me that she found those pictures in a box in the basement of her mother's house. I asked her to tell me about those photos. She said that those kids were special and they were working at the circus. They had real powers and they always impressed people. But when a bad guy found out about them, he made a false proposal.  He said that if they come with him they will become rich and known. Of course they accepted, but he took them to a abandoned place and he made experiments on them. This was also their end.
    Of course I didn't believe a word she said. I just thought it was a scary story for children. In the meantime I got bored and I wanted pancakes so I made pancakes. While I was eating I was also watching Netflix. I got scared because of a very powerful thunder and when I looked at the window I saw a girl from that pictures ( the girl that controled fire) but she disappeared in a second.
     I slept with my grandmother that night and I apologized for not believing her. The next day the storm was over and I went out with my friends and I showed them the same pictures and I also told them about what happened.



Wow...I just was looking for creppy storys on this forum and finally I found one. Your post is really good and I like it. The style you use to write made me so curious and impatient to see what is coming next.
What did your friends said about what happened? They belived you? They laughed? Sorry, I was thinking you can say more because you made me curious.
You could tell me more please?  :D


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A whole day at home