A long distance relationship is the same as a normal relationship , but with some extra distance between the two . In many cases this kind of relationships is met in causes like: lack of money into the family , or for study reason . Whether we are rich or poor , young or old , we all  are predisposed  of having a long distance relationship for a number of reasons like job specialization , Erasmus and many other reasons.  Many people think that long distance relationships are never going to work , starting with family ,classmates ,  all the way to your friends , and  my opinion is that theyíre right .

        I think that relationships doesnít work to long distances for long periods of times for a number of reasons which I will list bellow :

        First of all , a relationship is meant to bring two persons closer together , both through things they do in common , hobbies , sports ,but also by spending the most of the time near the loved one . In the case of a long distance relationship, the time spent by the two partners is limited, possibly non-existent, and it reduces to simple, common, senseless dialogues. For example, if a student that studies medicine is gone for two years in North Korea for specialization, the time spent between him and his girlfriend is almost non-existent because in North Korea there is no means of external communication or internet.
Second of all ,it is impossible to feel the relationship progress . Generally, a relationship works on the intimacy principal , starting as a friend and getting all the way to a more deeply kind of link . When the distance appears you donít realize the connection , and there in no way to future to connect there lives  , eventually reaching to a break-up.

        Even if some people would say that, although it is very difficult to maintain a distance relationship, this is possible through technology, or by regular visits to the beloved one. If we are realistic, these technologies and superficial methods will work for a short period of time until the two will get bored or discover that it does not deserve the torment of this relationship.

        Even if some say that these distance relationships will work, in reality they will end because of the lack of time spent with the loved one, but also through the absence of a relationship progress. I think that in the near future ,long distance  relationships will be easier to manage, both through technology and communication progress, but you can never compare these kind of relationships with the normal ones.

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