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an argument in the family

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hard to talk about these ones because i ain t no snitch but i think i can talk about an argument that i had with my family.so i come from a religious family, like my dad and my mom always go to the catholic church in our neighbourhood and they always make me go with them even though i don t want to.(that s some background story so you know what i m going to talk about). one day we were playing some family games and from nowhere the topic "is God real" came into our talk. of course my dad and my mom were very quickly to point out that even science can t ignore some facts that cannot be explained(one single explaination:god).i said that i don t deny the existence of god, but i can t believe in it.they did me a lecture that it s not good to say such things and of course i didn t listen to them but it s true that is good to know that you have somebody watching over you but i don t really need somebody like this so that s it.



Hey!I think it's good that you touched this subject with your parents.I think it is very important to be open with your parents and tell them what you think.I am sorry that they don't accept your beliefs but I'm sure they will come around.At least you were honest and you had enough courage to tell them and I am glad you shared your story with us.Maybe it will encourage some people to be like you.Although I appreciate your honesty,I think you should work on the lenght of your essays.Good luck!



I think talking with you parents about God seems brave of you, but it shouldn’t.  I really like the fact that you stand by your beliefs and that you actually have arguments.



The topic you picked is good, but I feel like you could've expanded more on the actual discussion, describing more about how your parents reacted when you said you were of a different opinion.



The ideea is good however you could have developed more. I mean, I have the same debate with my grandma all the time and if i were to write it down, I would say how she reacts when I bring a good argument or what she tells me.
It was good, but not amazing like I expected. However, I can't wait for you to post more things so that I can read.



I think that's really brave of you to tell them what you really feel. I don't believe in God either, and my whole family is really religious. After all, no one can tell you what you should believe. Religion is a touchy subject for many but everyone should respect each other, especially in a family. I loved your text and I felt you being scared but also wanting to have your own opinion. There is nothing more personal than belief and only you can decide what suits you. Good luck with your parents!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » an argument in the family