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Discovering a new place in Romania

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Romania,for many people it's a ex-communist country from eastern Europe,with a corrupted gouvernment and also a place full of gypsies.Despite all these  bad things,Romania it's  also a place where friendly,creative and ingenious people live,a country with undiscovered natural beauties and millions of thoughts of ''changing'' something.
  This story it s not about me,it s about the potential that Romania has,talking about economy,people and perhaps politics.Back in the day,I was also a guy that thought Romania is a bad place to live because of its stereotypes,until,a friend of mine,convinced me to go in a trip,to show me the 'real' Romania.Although I wouldn't thought he could change my opinion,I accepted his offer.
  After a few weeks,we started off our adventure in an unknown place for me.The road where we have been going for hours, was quite far from civilization.I was pretty scared because I wouldn't know what was going to happen.When we arrived,he told that I had to leave everything that connects me with the civilization,phone,headphones,etc....so I did.Our place was near by a mountain,another exausting hours spent on walking to that place.The little house where we were going to stay didn't have some neighbor houses,the nearest ones were 2 kilometres far from us.I asked my friend to visit them because I was curious who could live in such place.The first house was a wodden one,quite small but, at the same time pretty.Luckily,the woman that  had lived there knew my friend since he was a child.I had asked her,being curious:''Why did you want to live in such place?'',and then she answered me,in a wise way"My child,I also used to live in a big city,just like you do,but when my husband died in the war,I realized there's nothing else to live for,so I moved here because here is always silent,fresh air and this atmosphere makes you feel calm.You should try it too,one day''.I ran out of words.The ,she gave us something to eat, traditional food and that s the only thing I could say,it was absoutely delicious,I ve never eaten such delicious food.After hours spent on talking with her,we left her house and thanked her for her kindness.We went to the other house,there  an old man was living there,togheter with his dog.The dog seemed to be old,but the man still loved him.The man also knew my friend and got us in his house,and talked with us about his life.He told us that he used to be a butcher,he would kill animals because of his job,but he didn't like it,and one day,his bosses ordered him to kill a dog for a rich chinese man,but he refused to do it because he was also an owner of a dog and he couldn't imagine doing it to another dog,so that was the day he dissmised his job and decided to build a house,near by a mountain,so he could not kill another innocent animals.He told us''if you're doing something you don't like,do the right thing and find a way to quit it''.His house was full of photos with injured animals that he also rescued.What a story,from killing animals to helping and rescuing them.
   All these talks taught me a lesson,if you're not enjoy something,leave it and find something you like.My friend and I wanted to climb the mountain,so we did.When I was at the top of the mountain,I saw something that I have never seen before,real Romania.Tall green trees,black goats climbing without any effort,big stones and the most beautiful thing out of all,those simple and friendly people who would help you,no matter what.
   At that moment I realized Romania it's not a bad place to live at all,you just have to see the good parts of it and try to change the bad ones.That was the moment when I discovered real Romania.



very nice work mate i enjoyed reading it and cool moral in the end


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