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An admirable person

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An admirable person
      I admire so many people, but the most appreciated by me is a special person who has changed the world into a better and more beautiful place. We all know that the most appreciated by teenagers are the movie stars  or singers , who can make a lot of money and are very famous. However, for me , they are not the ones to appreciate the most, but my mum and my dad deserve all my admiration. Anyway, there is also another man that I appreciate and his name is Bill Gates. I know that he isn't as important as my parents , but he is still an incredible man.
      So, Bill Gates was born on 28 October in 1955. He has 61 years old and is the richest man in the world with a fortune of 89,3 billion euros. I like him so buch and i admire him because of his persevereance , intelligence and modesty.Even when he was young , Bill was very smart and clever but, still nobody was able to anticipate his amazing future. From the early years, he used to read books and study instead of playing with other childs.
     He was also very creative , so in 1975 ,at the age of 20 , he and his friend Paul Allen  launched Microsoft, which became the world's largest PC software company. With his creative , Bill created the most important company , which made him very well known by people. He changed the world with his creation and the world was surprised by him. In the first years , his business did not bring him a lot of money. First, he invested a small amount of money that has multiplied  over the years bringing him over 13 bilion euros. So, Bill Gates is one of the best- known enrepreneurs in the world. He changed the future and made the the world a high-tech place, making our lives easier.
    The thing that I like at him the most is his personality.Even if he is a billionare, he behaves like a normal man. He does not feel superior to another man. He dresses like a normal man , he is buying small and cheap things and he doesn't focus on money. So , this things make me think that he is an amazing man with a strong personality.He is very modest and donates billions of euros for charity.
   In conclusion , I admire Bill Gates because he gives me a life experience . He works very hard for what he wants. I hope , in one day, to become like him, to make my own company and change others lives.



This is a very good composition Stefan. I can see that your English level become better than last year. But I expected to write about somebody not as known as Mr. Gates. It is your choice of course, but I recommend  you in future to be more deep. Keep going!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » An admirable person