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A whole day at home

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Theyíre finnaly gone! God... how much I wanted to be alone at home today. My parents have gone to a party and I have the whole house to myself. For a start: I am not scared of being alone. I actually enjoy solidarity. Even though there have been recent home invasions in my neighborhood I trust the security sister that had been installed recently by my worrisome parents. Being alone also gives me a lot of time to think and get all philosophical. All in all I feel at peace and nothing can possibly disturb me right now.....except that loud thud in my kichen.... that loud thud did definitely wasnít the wind or the neighbor upstairs....because I live in a one story house. Another ........... this time louder and something crashed. I donít have no idea what or who it could be but Iím not taking any chances. I get up form the couch tiptoeing to the cracked door and peek trough it. There is a shadow falling across the hallway from the direction of my kitchen. There is no way Iím making it across the hallway in time to exit the houses so I back up and go around the couch to the window to see if I can jumb out of it. Unfortunately I trip on the carpet and go full force forward and smash my head against the creaking floor. I freeze...not because I hurt myself but because I hear something coming up behind me. With a quick move I get up and turn to face whatever ......... was that entered my house and behold!!! what, I donít even understand. why was my cat standing in font of me and li.....king her paw? I exit the living room and go to the kitchen and take in the sight: shards form a broken jar were spread all across the floor, milk was splashed across the floor from my cats plate and a stool was turned over on the ground. Turns out Iím not that fearless after all.

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I love this so much, especially the funny ending! I can also relate so much. All those things when you feel like you are so brave, and nothing seems to scare you till you find out that's not really the case. Great job and wonderful story, you really made me laugh.



I liked your story a lot. Mainly, because there is a cat involved and said cat taught you a lesson about pretending to be brave. Also, it is funny and the thing that makes it more amusing for me is the fact that I know where the beginning was written.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A whole day at home