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A trip to a great location

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In the summer I always go with my family at the beach. I donít really know why we choose to see the sea over any other place, but we do. And we do it every year. I think that maybe for them a real vacantion is the one where you can swim and you can catch some rays too... but, this year we went in a small, unknown and forgotten village. It was a big change for our family and that kind of changes are very often because we really like to take risks.
               At first they didnít like it and the reason was supposed to be: ďItís not like what we always do in summer.Ēó and when I heard what their opinion was, I tried to help them remember what was the main reason of this change and that thatís how we like to do it, we take risks because you can never know you like something until you try to do it.  I wanted to make them understand that you canít see beauty in things if you donít allow yourself to do it. So they did, they did listen to my advice and they tried to enjoy the time we were spending together without thinking of the place we were at.
                   I really am glad because that location was the best one Iíve ever been to, and Iím not talking about the village or about the amazing things weíve visited, Iím talking about the connection that it made possible between the members of my family, a connection that didnít exist before.



I like your essay and I really appreciate the fact that you tought us something:it doesen't really matter where you are as long as you have people you love with you.The writing is good but I think the essay is pretty short,you could have written more.Good job!



humanity restored i think, nice



I agree with you i think we should take mare risks and we should not be afraid of what other think or what would happen. I enjoyed your post because i don't know it gave me a good and happy vibe. We should apreciate the time quality more than the place quality you are right and it doesn't matter where you are if you're with the right persons.
Keep giving this happy and beautiful vibe but you should make your posts longer.



Heeey! I  really like how you think because communication is very important especially with family members. Also is very beautiful that you travel and you go every summer with your family at the beach because I imagine is very relaxing and you can make beautiful  memories and you can see  special and magic landscapes. It's good that you think positive and also you need to remember that those kind of days when you spend time with your family are one of the most important and beautiful ones that you will remember these days with love.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » A trip to a great location