First of all, if i think you are wasting my time, ot is pretty bad, This moment usually occurs to me when i have some expectations from a close person or a friend amd they disappoint me by not doing anything. I learned that expecting things is wrong to a certain extent,but you want to have everything as you wish or at least close to that.
       One day, I got close to someone far below my standards back then. I got to know them and I quite agreed that i had been wrong before. A beautiful friendship began growing significantly everyday. We were getting closer, we started sharing hopes, plans for the future, past moments when we were at our worst, stories about how we coped with pain caused by a thousand different reasons. We used to talk day and night, fight childishly and get back together in like 10 minutes, we would walk and share our truth.
      That is how i fell in love with the most unexpected person. i felt so much in such a short time, it was natural to me. It was the first time i have ever been able to feel something for someone since my firts ever heartbreak. I was scared and he kept on acting like he wanted us to date...we would go out by ourselves a lot, we would have our special little things like a sweet kiss on the right cheek everytime we parted ways.  My feelings grew, along with fear. I accepted that i was in love and i told him what was going on. He asked to me wait 2 weeks. We never ended up dating, but we agreed to stay friends even though that meant a tiny bit of pain to me.
          Everything felt fine, though that person was maybe too good to be true and i started doubting our friendship. We had too many fights to count, too many lies to encounter and we slowly gave up on that relationship, as it became toxic for both of us. He lied so many times, he knew i would rather know the truth but he kept on hiding it.
          We argued about everything, we couldn’t agree on anything but the fact ....... that we had to end any connection, so we did. It was painful, it ate me alive, i thought i couldn’t trust nobody again and i gave up on me for a while.
           I got hurt, a lot, but in the end, people that just find excuses to be out of your life, never deserve to get in, in the first place. Now, he apologized and i am trying to forget the fact that i did love him, i do love him and i probably will keep on loving him for a while. Love is an actual waste of time if your significant other doesn’t feel it.

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