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Argument in the family

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I will tell you this. I love my family. They are the ones that made home feel like home, they are the ones that made me discover the world. I was just a kid that somehow ended up on this Earth, and that was scary at first. But my family always made me understand that there is nothing stronger on this planet than trust. Most of you that know me, also know I don't believe in love. And even if that is mostly about the "romantic" side of love, I still know that there it is just a chemical reaction. But trust, you can't explain what trust and respect are. I deeply care for my family and I have no idea if what this is is indeed love or not but what I want to say with all this is that family will always be a connection between people that will never be broken.
But, as all families, we have our dark days. It's hard to see your kid growing up, and I know that. People change and you may sometimes not like the change. As much as I consider myself a "good child", I like to think I am a rebel. I never was the drinking type or smoking but I loved to experiment with my look and other things around me. My grandparents were teachers and my family is full of this these intellectual people. Now picture me in the middle of this classical music and book lovers. I started listening to rock music when I was about 10 years old and I only read fantasy books. My family is the religious type and I always respected that, but for some reason, I found myself interested in history of pagan beliefs. I even know lots of stuff about more "controversial" ones. So you will not find ......it....... weird that one day I visited my aunt and when she saw me she wanted to have a "talk." I don't dress very differently....from others...... but in my family, wearing mostly black and dark makeup is not something very common. At first, my family told me that my music was a bad influence and I should stop listening to it, and I shouldn't dress the way I do. As teenagers, I think we are trying to find exactly who we are and we try stuff that may or may not suit you us. But if you never try, how will you know? So I told them how much music meant to me and how much it inspiredes me. My family didn't understand at first and that was a big argument and I felt it was unfair. As a person that loves people even if they have tattoos, if they are boys and wear makeup, even if they like a person regardless of their gender, my family .....has...... had a hard time accepting that. Both my mum and aunt had severe parents and they were told to search for perfection. The truth is, the world is not perfect and we should really start to let people be themselves. After a long talk that I had to make myself heard, everyone started agreeing to to agree with my arguments and finally understood what I was saying. I am lucky that I have a mum that lets me have blue hair even if she hates it sometimes and lets me wear black even if she likes colour.
I love my family and arguments make us who we are, because at the end of the day, we learn from each other to accept our differences and imperfections. So go hug your parents or anyone else. They deserve that for being there for you.

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A really interesting topic and story. I have to admit that I love how you presented both sides of the story but still keeping it short and interesting. You showed through this text that imperfection is indeed something that we all have and we musn't be afraid to show that. You also said that you are different in your own way and you received criticism for that. I feel the exact same way when people laugh at my choice in music and they insult the people I love so I can relate to the feelings you had while writing this. It's never easy to stand up for what you like, but at the end of the day, what matters is that you are who you are and this is perfect! Keep being yourself, reading what you like and listening to whatever you want!
Loved the text! Hope you  will continue to write!



it's very interesting how children in restrictive households end up being rebellious and being exactly what the parents didn't want them to become just because they put all those restrictions around their kids.


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