Even from the beginning of times, people had always had long-distance relationships, when they had to stay apart from each other a certain period of time. That thing changed in our days, because now, the technology is so advanced that we can stay in touch and be together with someone from ...... distance, thing that wasn't possible in the past, when couples used to live a long time without knowing anything about each other.
But long-distance relationships are something we should encourage, or not?
In my opinion, long-distance relationships are not healthy at all and, in our era, when everything moves fast, when we always want to experience new things, when we keep on searching all kinds of stuff, a long-distance relationship is, most of the times, a relationship that won't last too long.
Firstly, people, when they are apart, start to develop in different senses, they find, during time, that they like other things, they change their beliefs (even if they say they won't change, they'll do because that's what happens to all of us during time; we are always evolving). So, even if they stay in touch (talking everyday, calling, texting each other etc.), if they are apart, they interact with different people and have different environments, that will make them develop/grow in different senses, in the end, ascertaining that they have fewer things in common, that they are not the same persons they were at the beginning of the relationship. I believe that, in this situation, ........... is better for them to break up because if they try to maintain the relationship alive, even if they know they will never be happy together again, it will make them both end up miserable and stuked with a person they don't like anymore.
Secondly, even if a couple tries to keep the link, talking on the phone, texting everyday, seeing each other using Skype or Facebook, they still can't be physically together (for example, having sex, thing that straightens the connection between them, making them be more intimate to each other) and, in our world, when we always want to experience new things, when we don't and can't wait for something or someone, even if they are 'the love of our lives', we will be always be tempted to cheat on 'the other half', because the majority of us is concerned on living the moment and not on the quality and the intensity of the love, even the one lived from .... distance. So, I guess .......... is better to end the relationship at the point where you take in... consideration the idea of cheating on your partner and to not arrive in the moment where you have to lie to yourself and to the person you're with. It's better to stay true to yourself and to know when something won't work anymore.
Admittedly, I think long-distance relationships are hard to manage and there are plenty of cases where, because of the distance, couples had broken up, but, also, there are situations where the distance managed to resolve the problems between them, to straighten their relationship. (schimba toata propozitia: aici trebuie sa dai un argument de partea opusa, adica in favoarea relatiilor la distanta)
In conclusion, long-distance relationships are, most of the times, the kind of relationships that don't last too long because nowadays people get bored of waiting very easily and they can be tempted to cheat on their partners or they could simply loss interest in the other one because they find out that they don't match anymore.

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