Throughout my whole life i traveled a lot across this beautiful country we live in. I saw different types of food, buildings, houses, traditional clothing, music. I stared at huge attractions, I connescted to people, to places, to styles, to everything i could.
       This summer i discovered the beauty of traditional villages, inside the mountains, those that are built around a road and they follow it along for a little. I fell in love with the idea of freedom, absolute happiness, the lack of suffering, the relaxation that we cand get if we use our time right.
       I can’t remember any of theirs names because i wasn’t taking any pictures, i just libed those moments, seeing art, pure art coming out of basic people’s hands and minds. I  felt a lot of mixed things at the time, but i honestly adore little cottages, old houses, animals, people that live and respect their own traditions.
      I love discovering, searching and finding great things to see, to hear, to touch, to feel. I felt like hole in the middle of nowhere, I felt strangely good on crowded streets, i saw so much of Romania that the last place that i visited surprised me. It was nothing like the rest of this place.
      I actually am talking about myself. I saw me and my true colors were finally showing beacuse i traveled, i learned, I related and i found what I was looking for: answers. Watching a river going down the mountain resambled me and my “minor fall” and then I got used to having a view of the sun rise from outside, up above everyone, my “major lift”.
       I am a new place in Romania. Everyday i change, i grow, i become a myth, i disappear, i come back, i impress, i show myself, i get lost and i’m back to square 1.
        The trip to my soul was the most hurtful, beatufiul and fun getaway ever. I think that no matter where you are, you cand relate to life, to the outside, you cand find your own ideals, the things that actually matter to you, to your loved ones.

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