Last weekend I was with my family in a trip in a forest near a city called Bacau.
There we wanted to spend all our time without phones, cars, pollution, thenology, the noise of daily city and even with others peoples. More dad wanted. Because dad said we need a pause from the city and from anything who can destroy ours "aura". Dad love to talk about the spiritual part of humans being and making his one greater and greater…after his words. He also always wanted to make something new in his life and sometimes he is making stupid or strange decisions. But ‘‘c'est la vie’’. Anyway, the propuse of this expedition was to clean up ours minds, to relaxing a little bit and “to make our aura shine”.
His ideea to going to forest has come from internet. When he was looking on youtube, he saw something about a hunted forest around the city through we went to get there. And he wanted to see with his eyes in real life if there really exist paranormal things like ghosts. But from the beginning nobody was caring about the fact maybe there are ghosts. We was convinced there is nothing and we really was thinking it will be fun and relaxing.
Just imagine some people who want to relax in a possible haunted forest without phones, or a car, with no technology at our fingertips. Worse was the fact we will stay some days, without a place to stay and we hadn’t no plan. However dad said he will take a tent in which we will sleep in turn. Imagine 3 people, two adults and one child, who are stroling randomnly ALONE with no worries with this equipment: only water, food and a little flashlight. Imagine how stupid we were. Imagine how stupid we still are now…
We walked to the forest, we did not even get a bus because “it is too much money to give to get there with a bus”. When we arrived, the forest was so nice. It was looking pretty good for a hunted forest. Dad was saying he had a bad feeling. He was feeling some spirits who were making noises which disturbed my father's aura. But I and my mom was feeling great, but that does not matter for dad. Just in the first day we was exploring the forest a little, but after that my father needed us to meditate. He cannot do this single. This was bullshit. Me and my mom, we were not doing anything and we got bored. But we could not have let my father alone because his “aura” would have fallen without us. But the forest isn’t haunted, it is just ugly.
So, our expedition consisted in a long and boring meditate which has occupied all the time for exploring. The propose has been fulfilled but just for my dad. Eh, at least he deserve to be happy, and I will sacrifice my happiness for his one again.