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I got lucky

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It was a cloudy day and I was still at school, in the library, studying with some of my classmates. We were searching for some information that we could use for our history project. We were so captivated by the books we were reading that we didnít notice how dark it was getting outside.
              That day my parents had something to do and they couldnít come pick me up, so I had to go home by bus. Before I could even notice, a storm started. It was raining so much that you couldnít even see what was in front of you. When Iíve finally seen what the weather was like, I started to run towards the bus station which was 15 minutes away. At one certain moment, my phone fell from my pocket, but I didnít hear anything because of the rain which was hitting the ground. When I arrived at the bus station, the last bus that I could take to go home already left right before I got there. After that I tried to grab my phone to call my parents and tell them what happened, but I didnít find it. When I realized  I may have dropped it on my way there, I felt anger and sadness and I disperately ran back to try and search for it. I was so lucky that it fell right in the middle of the street, where I could easily see it. When I found it, I called my parents and we got home safe.
                 That was a good day, even though I almost lost my phone which I do love with all my heart, at least we got a solid 10 on our history project... and that means that I didnít go through all of these for nothing.



I think it is sad that you almost lost your phone but you were very lucky that you find it and got home safe! Next time be more careful and put your things in your backpack! A very good composition with many adjectives and details! Nice job!



It's a really cute story and a little sad because you almost lost your phone and i know how must've felt that because i was close to looseing my phone. In my case my parents probably left me without a phone for 3-4 months and i'm not entierly sure that after those months they would buy me another phone.
But at the end everything went great and you got a 10 so congrats.



Hey!I enjoyed your story a lot, I'm glad you didn't loose your phone because I know how that feels like.You got really lucky but at least now you know not to keep your phone where it can fall.I also like the way you write and describe things.Good story plot but maybe you can make it a little bit longer.Good jooooob!!



I think that day was kind of funny beside that was obviously a lucky day for you. Also you did well because you didn't give up and you thought about looking for your phone even if you were tired and nervous, at least you found it and now it's all good and that is all that matters.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » I got lucky