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I changed my opinion about someone

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Me and Emy, weíve met about 2 years ago and Iíve seen her for the first time at a party of our friend, Jacob, who was celebrating his birthday.
         We got along pretty well that day and thatís the reason why we thought it was a good idea to meet up the next week. When the day of our meeting came, I went to the place where we were supposed to see each other, but she dumped me. I waited for her for about 30 minutes but she didnít show up. I thought it was because of the traffic or because something ............ happened and she couldnít make it, thatís why I tried to call her, but she didnít answer the phone. After an hour of waiting I gave up and I left that place hoping that she didnít show up because she couldnít come, not because she ...... just changed her mind. That night she sent me a text where she apologized for not showing up and in which she said that she would like to make it up to me by meeting me the following day, in the same place.
            The next day came and I arrived in the exact same place as yesterday, sitting at the exact same table, in the exact same chair. I waited for her again but this time I didnít leave just to make sure that she wouldnít show up as I thought. And so did she. The day went by in the exact same way, but the difference was that she didnít text me this time or the following days.
           That event taught me that I never shou.....d trust a person that Iíve just met and that people arenít usually what or who they want us to think they are.

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I think you should impose more your point of view on what you want from a girl, and if you even see yourself better would be to talk face to face to schedule a future meeting. I hope you'll be lucky in the future and never be allowed to wait.



This post is really sad because i know how bad you feel when you should meet with someone and they are notshowing up.
It's good that you learned a really important leason so the next time you should be more repulsive about people because people are really shitty.
I enjoyed your post.



in liked your work, the plot is steady and the story really made me think, as this type of behaviour was also directed towards me at one point, so I really understand where you come from. I think this event really thought you something, and I think everyone else has this kind of memory, making your story so much more relatable and real.



That's a very sad story . That can happen to everyone . Something like that have happened to me in past and i've learned a very important lesson and I think you too. You can't trust someone that you've just met. In my opinion you did a little mistake , if she prefered to not show up the first time  you shouldn't trust her the second time .



I think you are wrong about something. You can trust someone you just met, but not with everything. Donít expect kept promises or anything like that. Trust them when they talk about their flaws, and about their qualities. If she says she is beautiful, she is her standard to beauty, not yours. (Plain crappy example but you get it)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » I changed my opinion about someone