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After a month spent with my new classmates I was felling like I already know everyone with their personalities, but there was a girl whose personality was unkown for me . I was thinking that she's antisocial because she never go out of  the class............. and she was just spending every single break staying on the phone .
One day, I became really interested , because I really wanted to know who's her in reality. That day i sat near to her in ........... break. I asked her something, a stupid question, like an excuse to begin the conversation . ....... First thing that i have observed was that the girl who was hiding behind her phone was actually a really beautiful girl. After I asked her some basic questions because i really wanted to find out some things about her . ........ Was a good first conversation , I guess.
That night I couldn't sleep and I didn't know why , i was felling something , i didn't know what but it wasn't something very noticeble.
..... Next day I came again to her and we talked again , and I kept looking at her because i really liked how she looks[la trecut]. We kept the conversation going and after a while i  observed something that i haven't seen before , she put her ........... in the pocket of her jeans . She semed  to like to talk to me  , and me too .
Day to day we kept talking and after a while we became good friends and after some time i fell in love with her.
In just a month I changed apsolutly my opinon about her and that just because of my curiosity. Now we are in a relationship  and i am very proud of that.

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It was really nice of you to try to interact with the quiet, lonely girl and your effort paid off in a way. It's also great that you got her to stop using her phone so much and talk instead, because it seems to me that our society lacks face to face communication. I enjoyed reading your text and I'm curious to see what you come up with for the next topic/assignment.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » I GHANGED MY OPINION ABOUT SOMEONE