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an argument in the family

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I honestly argue a lot with my family, on different topics, because of our not so similar opinions on things.
   A great example would be the huge argument between me and my mom when we started talking about abortion.
   That day began just like any other one, i just woke up and hated myself more and more while i was walking around and then I saw my mom watching TV and I heard something about a rapist that is now is prison and the girl who got raped is pregnant and really scared of abortion. My family always keeps it pretty simple and we never actually speak about controversial stuff. This time though, she asked me what I would do.
    I do believe that abortion is murder, but at the same day, why blame a child and give birth if you can t take care of a new born. She started talking about the medical issues that abortion can cause, but she only mentioned the worst ones like death and losing the abilty of having other kids. I get really mad when she tries to push different thoughts and ideas into my mind, if they are completely opposite with what I believe in.
   So I walked out of the house and she doesnít want to talk to me anymore because i don t agree with her and that caused a big stir, as my whole family knows that i support abortion in some cases and they all think they cand change my mind. I canít wait to be taken to any church near my house and be exorcised.



I fight a lot with my family too and in the end of the day,we do for family and we canít blame them for being annoying because all they want for us are good things!



Your story is a little too short. You could gave more detalies about the argument you have, what I mean is that the story is about an argument and you wrote the argument in 7-8 lines. The ending is kind of force and sad. I understand that you don't think like your mother but you should talk it over and resolve the situation.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » an argument in the family