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A new place in Romania

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I always loved supernatural things. From vampires to dragons to weird demon possessions, I always found myself being captivated about all this kind of stories. So, living in Romania meant that I lived in the perfect place. We have all that dragons and vampires, right? I would love to say so, but it's not quite easy. Yes, Romania is indeed full of mysteries, but you won't be seeing any of those things around.
There are, however, places full of enigmatic things here. So let me tell you about my favourite discovery. Just outside Romaniaís capital city, Bucharest, in the vast forest Boldu Forest lies a small but mystical pond. Best known as the Witches Pond, this tiny body of water would be inconspicuous to most who arenít aware of its reputation. It's a very important place that is believed contains a great energy. The Witches Pond is named for the many witches who gather in the area. It has become a very popular place for Romanian witches as well as others from all over the world who have made the pilgrimage to visit the powerful pond. People say that the water is cursed. This is why the site is popular amongst the Wiccan and why it is visited on sacred celebration days.
I recently discovered it. I always loved to read about Wicca and magick. People usually have this weird misconception about spells (mostly because they think these powers are born from evil sources). Actually, magic is born from nature. I never knew that there still are witches in my country, so I was really happy to see that the folklore didn't die. Also, the lake has a very interesting story that makes it even more mysterious. It is said that Vlad Tepes, better known as Vlad the Impaler or the real-life inspiration for Dracula, was killed at the Witches Pond. We still don't know the real story of his death, but rumours say that he was decapitated here around the year 1476. Many people claim that his spirit still haunts the place, and they have seen him around the forest.
So next time when you think Romania is a boring place, walk into the dark forest and find this lake. Maybe you will find out why it is so known by the witches.



You should visit Hoia Baciu forest from Romania! I am scared to go there but I have a friend that told me that is very interesting to go there!



I like supernatural things as well and if Iím being honest with you,I love witches and all the things they do.Anyway,you know what I also loved?Your post.Itís wonderful and pretty convincing.After reading it I feel that I know what I will visit this summer;)Well done!



nice work mate keep up the good work



what kind of witches go to this place often is the real question


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A new place in Romania