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Long distance relationship

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At some point in a relationship many couples face distance. Some of these couples choose to stay together and try to make it work and some of them simply break up. Either way, they will both suffer as much so the question is - should long distance relationship be encouraged or not?
        I think that long distance relationship should be discouraged for a number of reasons.
        Firstly, in a healthy relationship the partners need to see each other face to face daily or almost daily (if they are not living together) in order to connect with each other,  to see what is really going on with the other partner, not just communicating through internet or telephone where the information can be easily dissimulated.
        Secondly, the long distance relationship doesn’t give closure to anyone; in fact it can be as painful or even more, as a break up. Those who choose to give a try to this long distance thing know in their heart that eventually they will put an end to things or that the possibility of meeting someone else while the other is away exists. Most of them choose to make it work, or try to, only to see if the love they have is real. Almost all of them end up in tears whether it is guilt that makes them suffer or the pressure of waiting and worrying about what the other partner is doing all the time and that is not healthy.
        Admittedly the technology nowadays is pretty evolved and it allows you to communicate in real time with the person you love and know where he or she is all the time. However this is not the same as being in an old-fashioned relationship where the partners spend real quality time with each other, enjoying each other every day.
        In conclusion, while the technology provides the means to maintain a long distance relationship nowadays, this kind of relationship is not really meant to last because everyone needs to see his or her partner in person as frequently as possible and that is what a real relationship looks like.

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For the most part, I agree with you that long distance relationships are difficult and can sometimes affect decisively the fate of a couple. However, I can not omit the fact that each couple is unique, and for some cases, long-distance relationships can have a beneficial effect like increasing the intensity of feelings and I believe that those involved in such a relationship communicate much better than a couple that lives  in the same city. Although I have seen the benefits of such a relationship, I choose an old-fashioned relationship.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Long distance relationship