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Last winter, my birthday was one of my happiest days ever, i think..
Every important family member has come to see me . A real big surprise was that my uncle and my aunt came even from Spain . I haven't been seeing them for a very long period , 9 years . They have sent me presents every year , but now my present is to be able to see them face to face and it's 10 times better . They have come in the morning so i had a lot of time to spend with them .
We have spent around 4 or 5 hours just to eat togheter and tell eachother about  every thing that have happened in our lives . That was a little bit boring but i didn't have any other option. However , there was also a nice part and that was that I have learned some interesting things about the life in Spain.
After we went to the presents part . Mine was the best , in my mind . They gave me a T-shirt worn by the FC BARCELONA's superstar Lionel Messi.
When we finished with this part we have gone to the cinema and we have watched "The Black Panter" , that was an incredible film.
That was a very nice day, but the surprises haven't ended . The biggest surprise has come at the end of the day. My aunt and my uncle propose.. .... us to go with them in Spain and spent our winter holiday there and my parents accepted . I could never .......... thought that my parents would accept a "offert" like that but they did.

povesteste la timpul trecut, nu la prezent si nici la present perfect

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I like so much this kind of surprises and I think you really had a good time with your relatives. In my opinion you should go with your parents in Spain because it is a great opportunity.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A DAY OF SURPRISES