Time is a relative thing especially for me. Since I was just a kid in an empty room on the 9th floor of an small and boring flat, I made myself dream about life.
I guess some people will say it was weird but I see it as as a way to escape. It didn't matter at what stage in life you met me, I always were someone else, always living in another place but here. It didn't matter if I was a witch waiting for her Hogwarts letter or the little soldier that was looking for magic inside this mundane world. I never knew how to interact with people so I just got lost around all my fantasy worlds that I created. I always wanted to write but as soon as I sat in front of a white sheet of paper, everything went blank. So you will just say that all my life I wasted time. I dreamed of a life that doesn't even exist. True. But that made me see all the beauty of the earth too. It doesn't matter that I don't have any magic, there are other ways to change lives, like art. You say you don't believe in magic? Then you never saw someone's face when looking at his own drawing after hours of work.
Music is for me one of the greatest spells that exist. You have no idea how many hours I can just listen to a song on repeat while my mum tells me I could do something important. Well, behind that amazing guitar drifts and drumming is someone who speaks to you, someone who is telling you their story. Sometimes I think music speaks my story as well. If I ever had a good voice, I would have been a musician because I admire how you have the opportunity to make people dance, be happy or even cry if they need to. That is not a waste of time.
Now lets talk about technology. How many parents want their kids to just drop their phones and go outside? Well I will tell you something, on the other side', there might be another person that is down and needs someone to text your child. There doesn't have to be a boy that makes your daughter smile while she gets a text. There can be some amazing friends from the other side of the planet. I know that because I met beautiful people on the internet. We never knew how each other looked, we didn't even know our names for moths. That didn't mean we didn't have such great talks about life and society and hobbies.
Oh, and that videos that I never stop watching mum? They are about black holes, the Fermi paradox, deep talks about what sadness and happiness really is and don't even make me start with people who are not let to be themselves because of what we call "normality". I don't really waste time. Yes indeed I have some stupid interviews from my favourite bands but I want to look up to people and know who they really are.
Life is life and even if we like to think we have all the time we need, we don't. And we are a generation that lives through technology and that might not be the best thing, but we certainly don't waste time. We just need to try to appreciate the beauty of the world more. Sometimes I like going out with music feeling the silence and other times you will see me taking pictures for my american friends that just love the old-fashioned look of my home town.
Don't let people make you believe you waste time. Live your life as you want. After all, we only have one.