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Complaints against a restaurant

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Hello. I write this letter to inform you that a restaurant in this city is an outbreak of infections. And yet he is still allowed to open every morning and serve people in their sourced food. I do not understand why he has not been locked up to this day, I think no one really cares about the people of this city and with a little bribe closes everyone's eyes. I do not understand why nobody is doing anything. I was at that restayner about two weeks ago, I was hungry and I went with all the confidence that I was going to eat something at what prices they had. I ordered my food and as I stood quietly in the chair and watched through frills, I saw only old food stains, hair around everywhere, and small bugs thumping. When they brought me the food I only wanted to vomit when I saw what my food looked like and after I tasted it was bad for me. I hope that restaurant is closed. Thank you for reading my letter.



Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!



It is good that next time you will be better informed about the retailer you are going to go!



I think you should tell a certain restaurateur before you go to eat there. ask some friends who can give you some good suggestions for everyone who likes food! you can also call it a place to make readers a rewiew or even a petition or cover letter for that restaurateur.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Complaints against a restaurant