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COPIAT: Complain about a restaurant

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Dear Manager,

My name is Diana Popescu. I often visit to your restaurant at Tatarasi location. This email is to complain you about the food that was served to my family on 20th Feb 2018.

We often come to the restaurant because of the service provided, the quality of food served and the reputation which you have all over the City. Thus on the occasion of my wedding anniversary, I and my wife visited to your restaurant to have a delicious food. We wanted to make the day to a memorable one and ordered our favourite dishes. Unfortunately, the food served didn't meet upto our expectations and disappointed with the meal completely. Rice was half boiled and Chicken gravy was not cooked properly. I believe it was happened due to multiple orders and chef was in hurry to finish it off quickly. Although we have complained to the server, no action was taken and he responded with improper answers.

I would like you take an action against the server as well as the chef to ensure the food quality should not be changed under any circumstances. Also, the effective measures has to be taken from you to keep monitoring on the customer needs and resolve the issue by replacing the food briskly incase of any complaints. I would be thankful if the issue is addressed seriously and resolved on my next visit to your restaurant.

I look forward to hearing an update from you.

Diana Popescu

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A very interesting and a very fancy composition! Very good competition like What You Said many adjectives.I think you are a very good student  and I don't think that is from the internet



I really agree with you. I have the same problems when I go to eat at the restaurant with my mom and my sister. Besides this, my sister is allergic to mushrooms and everytime the chef forget to remove them from the pizza (she usually gets pizza).

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » COPIAT: Complain about a restaurant