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A person that nobody likes

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We all know, if not from the knowledge, at least we've heard about people like those who are licking their fingers in public, or sip the soup as hard as they can.
When I went on holiday with my parents,  my aunt and a bigger cousin with her husband, we did not expect to remain with such an unpleasant memory.
†On the last day of our holiday, we decided that we should all go out to a restaurant to end this experience in a beautiful way.
We made ourselves comfortable and we ordered what we wanted. Until the food arrived, we started talking about things to waste time. After 30 minutes of waiting, the waiter brought us every order, and Daniel, my cousinís husband, began to enjoy too loud the soup he had asked for. Several people from other tables turned to us and we were trying to cover Gregís sips by talking about weather and politics. Obviously our voices had no chance against him, but at least we tried. When he started eating his pasta, we thought We had escaped, that the shame we endured was enough.
At one point, he returns to his wife and proposes to share a spaghetti thread, telling us to take a picture to have this moment forever in his mind. People were staring at us, not ever trying to hide their eyes when they saw a scene from "The Lady and the Strand" in real life. The waiter also came and warned us that we should stop, because we disturb the others.
At that moment, Daniel decided that it would be better to fight the waiter, saying that he was a free man and that he could do whatever he wanted. This scandal ended with us, being kicked out of the restaurant because of Daniel, who at the end harshly replied to the staff of the restaurant, that his soup was not that good, and that the pasta were also cold when they got it they were brought to the table, and his wife was holding his side, arguing elbow with him.
Me, my parents and my aunt, decided it was time to retreat in a subtle way, to pretend that we did not know them and did not saw those scenes between them. In my opinion, this kind of people, who think that they can do whatever they want, wherever they want, treating people like they are nothing to them, are the worst.



Your observation is very realistic because there are many people who do not believe at all about how people around them feel when making such scenes in public places. These people are very rude and, while they are mistaken, continue to say they are innocent and blame others. I deteste this type of people.



You describe perfectly the kind of people I deteste. I think itís inappropriate to make such scenes in public places. Itís so wrong to think that what you did is ok (when is definitely not) and to continue to make the same things, despite the fact that another people told you to stop. I enjoyed reading your story!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » A person that nobody likes