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Apply for internship as a student

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The Human Resources Department,
Dear Ms. ***,
I am sending you this letter as a response to your announcement about the internship for students, between 16-18 years old, which will take place in Iasi, at NATC, Bucharest .
I take a great interest in this, because my academic and professional experience match a career in this particular area.I am a student in 10th grade at Mihai Eminescu National College and Iíve been taking drama classes for * years now and, also, Iíve got the chance to compete on several contests, like: ***, ***, ***, ***, ***.
Thatís why, I know that Iím going to have a great time being part of this internship and, also, I am determined to learn as much as I can .
I hope this letter to be reason enough to accept meand Iím looking forward to an interview, if necessary.For more information, please contact me at ***or by e-mail ***.

Thank you for your time, Sincerly, *****.



Really good! I hope you get there and it was very funny to see those *** and if I was a teacher from that college I would have for sure accepted you!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Apply for internship as a student