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A relative who could be a role model

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My biggest inspiration in my life is my mother. She is a mother, a father and also my best friend... she is everything a child would like from his or her parent. She is the biggest model in my life, the person who always encouraged me, the person who would cheer me up, the person who is here everytime i need her.
She is always by my side, encouriging me with everything i do! Even though she is my mother, my parent, she has always been fair and told me everytime i did something bad, or the moments when she was proud of me and those moments when i should just calm down.
She is the person to whom i don't have to explain the way i feel, she just understands. Everything i know, i learned from her and received a lot of pieces of advice.
When i am in a bad mood, when i am sad, when i cry, she does something and makes me feel better and get over it.
She is someone who went through a lot of things in her life, but at the same time she showed me that even though a lot of things happen, you can still be a wonderful person.
In conclusion, i don't think i have something to add. I can't even describe her in one simple composition. I would need more 40 years to say how important and special she is



I am very happy for you because you have a powerful mother with a beautiful soul. I am impressed by this composition. Respect your mother for what she is doing for you and for being there all the time.



I like your composition but it's a little too short! I think it's actually pretty great that your mom is your role model because parents are the best,even though they scream at us and they are annoying,they are the best role models!



Your mother is a wonderful person if she can be your mother and your father and your best friend. She seems to have fulfilled all his responsibilities and gave you confidence, and you in your turn, have given her confidence too. A mother and a happy child! So nice!  :love:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A relative who could be a role model