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The most unusual neighbour

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During 16, I met all kinds of neighbours. Some good, some bad, some daring, some that wouldn't say "hi" and some who would say "hi" first, ut he mothe unusual neighbour i had is from the time i moved into a block of flats.
This neighbour lives right next to me. This man has moments when he screams in his appartment, moments when he denies everything the girl from weather says. This person is very interesting because one moth he is there, and the other he isn't. This month he terrorized us with his loud music, his very loud screams and all kinds of jinks. Last month he had his mailbox full with bills.
What is very interesting with this ma is that he liveas alone, but everytime i see him, he has a lot of food and utilities for home even though he doesn't have a dog. What cand be stranger?



The truth is that this neighbor is quite strange. I like different people, but not those who are like him. Where I lived before, I had a similar neighbor. I was sitting down to hear his screams everyday. And to say that he was holding a pot of cabbage on the stairwell. You do not want to know how it smelled.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The most unusual neighbour