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My model in life

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So far, I have never thought of taking an example from my aunt. My nose is brilliant, I love my heart and give me the best advice on relationships. But the aunt I'm about to write today is the dearest of my soul. She is called Ramona and is 24 years old. He knows me since I was born and he's been around me all my life. She's brilliant, she's an exceptional hairdresser. And not to mention the exceptional food it does. But I really like her as she trusts, she always knows what to do in moments of crisis. Always deal with anything.
He grew up with me, he's eight years older. She made all my pleasures and I was always the first in her life. Even though her childhood was more tragic, nothing prevented her from advancing and being the person she is today. Unfortunately, it is no longer next to me day by day, but it is part of my soul always.



A really good composition, one that ive been enjoying reading from your account! Congrats, keep on doing it!
And... i like your aunt!!



I like what you said and it is actually pretty cool that someone wants to be like their aunt. Good composition with a lot of adjectives and sweet things!😁


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » My model in life