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The unusual neighbor

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He's my neighbor, Radu. He recently moved here. The first time I saw him I enjoyed the dance very much, smiled and greeted me. But now he no longer greets anyone and he's very lonely. He's a 30-year-old man, unmarried, and has a black cat, which I found very strange about the men hate the cats and the color is strange, you say he's a cat out of the witches fairy tales. An unusual thing about him is that the evening comes out with his cat, he sits on the bench in the yard and stays there for a long time, and the cat meow is this scary. All children on our street are scared of him. This man is not part of us.
He is not like us, does not participate in our parties, does not get involved in the activities of our neighborhood. We tried to talk to him, to make friends with him, but he refuses and day by day gets more and more distant.



I think he is creepy too! If you tried to talk to him and he didinít want it that is his fault! But letís not judge a book by its cover! Maybe he has some problems and wants to solve them!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » The unusual neighbor