In our world there were developed two main types of behavior: formal and informal. The question is which one is better?
In my opinion, we can not say that one is better than the other, because there are many situations which require a certain behavior.
Firstly, when applying for a job, you should be formal because it creates a better image of you. As we all know, being formal involves dressing in an elegant way, keeping a straight posture, having a cool attitude and using proper words. This kind of behavior inspires organization, self confidence and most important, seriousness, which will grow your chances to be hired in the end.
Secondly, while meeting with your friends you should be informal because being formal will make them feel uncomfortable. If you are surrounded by people who are close to you, having a stuck up and serious attitude will make you look different, in a bad way, like you would want to make them feel smaller or less important than you. This is why you should keep a friendly, warm attitude around friends and family so that none of them will feel offended by your formal style.
Admittedly that each person is free to choose his or her style, the conduct has to be respected in the situations that require it, in order to keep everything in order and avoiding chaos by permitting every person to act the way he or she feels.
In conclusion, we can not enforce a certain style because each situation has its own rules that people need to respect in order to avoid chaos and considerable differences among people.