For me a model in life, and especially in career, is my cousin.
He is 25 years old and from this early age he is a programmer at Google. Yes, Google, one of the largest companies on earth. At this moment he lives in New York because he works there.
Let me tell you how my cousin got so far. His passion for computer science began when he was a child, but the first things he learned in this field were in the ninth grade. Since then he has begun his journey. In the 9th grade he was the first computer science Olympiad, which took the first place, as in the rest of the high school years. In the eleventh grade, he created his first site. In college in Year 2, it was offered why Facebook to work for 3 months for them. In the 3rd year he was offered by Google where he stayed and where he is today and works great.
From his story I learned that for success you have to work continually and dedicate yourself to your dream. So I will take his example and I will work to keep my goals alive.