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Formal Letter- Complaint about restaurant

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Dear Sir, 

I am writing to you to complain about a ......... in your restaurant ........[cand?cu ce ocazie?] . 
On December 16th, I was in your place to eat. When I arrived, I waited 30 minutes for a waiter to come. After we ordered the food, we waited an hour or so before it was brought to us, lunch time. The food came in a deplorable condition, and besides being cold, the meat was expired. When we asked to talk to the boss, the waiter answered in a rude and unacceptable manner.
I trust you will take the complaint seriously and give a reasonable explanation. In addition, I inform you that I filed a complaint with Consumer Protection and I will sue ....... .

Yours sincerely
Răzvan Crețu

prea scurt

fragmente copiate

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I agree with your letter... It's a good thing ti complain about something like that. It happened to me the same three months ago. I wait an hour to eat and the eat was too bad and untasty. Unfortunetly, i didn't write a letter to chief of that restaurant.  :)



A good idea. I had the same idea. But still the text is too short, next time you try to give more details


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Formal Letter- Complaint about restaurant