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A relative as model in my life

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Everybody of us has an example to follow in the life: great figures in various domains as science, arts, law, medicine were managed to achieve the height, but it's important that these geniuses know how to spread the key of success to others. I don't propose to talk about generalities, but about my experiences living with people, who had success in life, from my family.
The person, who motivated me always in my hobbies, supported me and gave me a hope is my uncle from Targu Neamt.
He is a model of courage, proud, and determination. He faced the harsh conditions of the life in the past, to finish the school and the university, and to become teacher and director of the Stefan cel Mare High School in Targu Neamt, until his retirement. Now he lives quietly in his natal place.
I often talk with them about my interests as history, geography and about the each of us's lives. When i call him on the occasion of his birthday, or during Christmas, he's glad to talk with me and with my grandmother.  I want to acquire his qualities and to become great as he was.
For me, this person is a model, that really shows me a way in life.

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It's a great job to become a professor and director of a prestigious institution as you mentioned above. And my parents are teachers and all their work has been rewarded. I received the same education as you and I feel proud of it. Here we have something in common. I consider them real models in life and I like the examples offered by you that support the general idea.



Very good! I like it!



wow, I can only say I like the way you present your uncle who seems to have gone a long way. I think you too will have a brilliant future, I can say that because I know you from the 5th grade and I see your evolution as a person, student and I think you are on a very good way that you will enjoy. you will definitely be a model for someone one day!



I think itís very good that you have a model in life, in particular from your family.



I think you are very lucky to have such a great uncle and I think he is very lucky too because you see him as a good role model, especially from your family.



Your uncle seems to be a fearless and very courageous man. I'm glad for you as part of your life. That's a good example and always tells you interesting things. I'm glad to read that you like history and have someone to help you in this area.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A relative as model in my life