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A vegetable market where I live

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The nearest vegetable market from my house is in the SW part of Iași, named Alexandru cel Bun, known as Alexandru. Is the second biggest vegetable market in Iași, after Hala Centrală .
There are a lot of stands with vegetables, fruits, a big hangar with dairy products and butcher shops, as every vegetable market. Additional, we can see bakeries, various carts and stalls with canned fish and candies of Moldavian merchants.
Many people go to this vegetable market and buy cheaper vegetables : potatoes, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, garlic, corn, pepper, cabbage, even and the picked vegetables (called murături in Romanian), also and fruits: watermelons, apples, cherries and more.
I think, that the vegetable market is the one of the modes with which our country can to revive it's economy. But no one didn't encourage the producers to sell their goods, and because of that the smuggling exists, even in our market.   Unfortunately, the big retails of hypermarkets have took the place of the vegetable markets, but it can have its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the food sold in hypermarket can be verified, but the food from the vegetable market not. But the advantage of vegetable markets is the hope in revival of economy in our land, because this markets belong to authorities and OPC more, than supermarkets.
For me, hypermarket and the supermarket are the same. I can go to the LIDL to buy yogurt and in vegetable market in Alexandru to buy potatoes and canned fish and I advise you to buy from the both types of market.

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I agree with all your advice: the vegetable market is one of the ways our country can revive its economy; I can go to LIDL to buy yogurt and the Alexandria vegetable market to buy potatoes and canned fish and advise you to buy on both types of market. But the advantage of the vegetable markets is the hope of reviving the economy in our country, because these markets belong more to the authorities and the UCS than the supermarkets.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A vegetable market where I live