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A whole day at home

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Dear diary ,
I really forgot the last time when I used you , but I think I should start using you again , because I am always laughing when I see how many dumb things I did . Now , let me talk with you about my last Monday .
I woke up and I realised that I was alone in the house . My parents sent me a message in which they told me that they went to a short trip to Vatra Dornei with my aunt and my uncle , and they will be back tomorrow . They also told me to stay home and to close the door and the windows downstairs because there have been many robberies in the past 2 weeks . I locked the door and went upstairs to play some video games on my computer .
Later that day , while I was playing video games , I heard something downstairs . I took my phone and I started recording in case there was a robber . I was shocked when I saw that there was a robber . He yelled at me not to move , or he will attack me . I didn't know what to do , so I remained still . Suddenly one of my neighbours saw that some stranger .......... broke into my house , so he came here to help me . It was a tough fight , but the robber managed to escape . I thanked my neighbour , and we called the police . Fortunately , the recording was still on and I recorded the robber's face . I was hoping that the robber is going to get caught because he ...... stole... my moms jewelry . The police went to chase the robber , and later , at 8 PM I got a call from the police departament that the robber was caught and they recovered my mom's jewelry . I called my parents to tell me what ...... happen...d , but they didn't believe me until they came home and talked to the police . I was relieved that no one ...... got hurt and my mom ........... recovered her jewelry . I hope I will turn my neighbour's favor back someday , and I will never go through something like this . ..
And that's my story . I hope I will never lose you again , my dear diary .

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Oh damn...what a luck on you.
Your plan with recording was so good. Imagine if you did not think of it, It could be terrible for your mom's jewerly. Imagine if that neighbour didn't see anything and he did not helped you out. You could get hurt...
At least, all was good finally and everything went well


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A whole day at home