On my street lives someone named Ghiță Păpușă. Ok, that's his nickname. He is a man who stays always in the front of block and plays backgammon with other persons. Apparently he's the common mature man seen in all parks  playing chess with others. But he is known in our neighbourhood as the most foul man.  He doesn't talk with anybody, but he likes to argue with others.  And who is his friend?  They, that are of own kind with him.
When I meet with him, he tries does get me into tricky situations. He shouts and call......... me "coward" and "looser" for no reason, (he doesn't know me very well).  It says, that him had a lot of bad things happened, because of that he's acting so.
Once he was one of the smartest in our neighbourhood. But the time and the vices ......... changed him an made him seek. And that made him one of the most stupid neighbor.... for mine.
It was when my family visited him on his birthday... My dad brought to him a present and congratulated him. After that, the neighbour was complaining about mine, that i had stolen his bicycle from the shed. My dad had reprimanded me for this.  I had more get punished at home for these accusations, despite ........... that these accusations were false.
A week later, i found out that Ghiță took the bike to the yard sale and, of envy towards me,  he blamed me.

Therefore, be careful with your relatives and neighbours: love and respect them, but be prudent with them.

PS: Warning! This post doesn't show a real story or real identities.

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