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The person who no one likes

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When you think about a person you don't like it's easier to find flows rather than qualities .Obviously I have someone in my mind and I will talk about her under a different name: Rebeca.
I met her 5 years ago. I first had contact with her on facebook where she used to post quotes from famous books. I though that she was a deep thinker but couldn't have been more wrong.
When I saw her in real life I had a shock:she looked completely different and after some time I noticed that her attitude was annoying. For example Rebeca was rude with some of the teachers, she was talking during classes. Her stories were unrealistic and it's obvious that she was lying. For instance, she told us that she had a relationship with a guy who was best friend with a celebrity.
Even now after so many years she is bragging all the time about all kinds of stuff: familly, money, adventures.She gossips a lot about her friends with her  other friends and this is the reeason why she is so hypocrite. Once everyone cought the ideea and we realised that she was like the caracter in the story :wolf and sheep"s clothing.
My friends and I had some fighsts with her because of her fake behavior. She also succeded making us have conflicts insde our group.But we showed  Rebeca that we are strong enought to confront her; what a shame that we couldn't make her change.
No one can deny that she is very creative and involved in a lot of activities outside the school but is still hard to be friends with.
I don't hate her, even thought we had our differences.Everyone had a person whom they don't like but we need to understand that we can't get along with everybody.

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There are many such people who try to look more than they actually are, and often their behavior makes others feel bad, but these people usually do this to make themselves feel better, but that do not excuse his behavior. It is better to stay away from such people, but if we have the chance to help them change, we can try.



In life it is impossible not to meet people like her, and the most important thing is do not  take it to heart and try to understand that her behavior actually comes from the inability to live up to the ideals or principles she confesses to others . Later, she may realize that a change must be made.



Unfortunately not a lot of people can be as smart as Tyrion but you need to be aware that you will probably meet people that are even worst. And if you fell that much anger and hatred you can imagine that you are Jon Snow and those people are white walkers.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » The person who no one likes