It was a very nice day at the seaside. The sun was shining and I really didn't know where my feet would carry me in that day. As usual I went outside for a walk. The time was great, not too hot or too cold. Suddenly, near the main road of the city, that go across the shore, I found a path that went down though upper parts of the shore. Wishful to explore new places, I followed the path, which went among bushes and lower olive trees. After a half hour, I reached an unusual place.It was something like a cave, but a little broken on the top, wide enough for the sun could give us its warm beams. On the left, there was a lake, probably made of salty water, and a little upper, I could see a small waterfall. On the right, there were some stairs made of mountain polished stone and on the back, the path that I followed. I decided to go on these stairs, but a couple of minutes later I found an old, abandoned fort. It was made of old concrete bricks, with a huge iron door and a little window. The view was to the beach and that astounded me a little. On one of the walls, some word were written with black charcoal, maybe in German. I thought this was a fortification during World War 2. I had read about a huge and very complex system of structures and fortification on The French Atlantic coast but I had never seen one of them.On the opposite side of the wall. There was another door, closed in that case. I think it went to the Gun room. I went out of that unusual building and I went to a market. From there, I bought a book about buildings from World War period. I finished the day happy because I had seen an unusual place.

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