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An argument in family

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Generally, my mother and I have a great relationship, but we have fixed topics we have arguments about. One of them is her need to see me at home before 9 pm, which makes me so upset.
It was a very beautiful day of sumer and I wanted  to stay out longer with my friends. Of course, most of them being boys, they didn't need to be home as early as I was. I stayed until 9:30 and when I got home my mom was very angry. I went to my bedroom and went to bed. The next morning we disscus...ed and I explained ..... her that she doesn't need to be afraid because now I know how to take care of myself. Of course I didn't convince her because she is very strong headed, but we agreed that if I want... to stay a little more a boy needs to take me home and of couse she meant my best friend, Matei because she trusts him. Even if I am aware that I am a girl and there are many dangerous things that can happen to me during the night, I think she needs to have more trust in me.
Obviously, this is the most most often topic we have arguments about but there are many other stupid ones.

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I can totally relate to this. I have almost the same problem with my mom. Even now when I'm almost 17. I guess we have to wait till we will be 18.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » An argument in family