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Apply for a internship while a student

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Dear Sir,
    I am writting in connection with  your internship . I want to apply for this internship in Bucharest.  I am studing  Modern Languages at UAIC Iasi and that's why I want to improve  my communication skills .
         I have attended many volunteer activities in high school and i like to communicate with people.                                                                 
         I am an ambitious person , very motivated  to succeed in my faculty.
         This summer I would like to participate in this internship because it  would help  a lot in my evolution.
         I belive  that this internship can help me to make new friendships , can help me to know and to meet other people  from other countries and other social groups .
         I am available for an interview and I would be happy to provide  you with further information .
         I appreciate you considering my application . Please review the attached resume . I look forward to hearing from you

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And I would like you to be more motivated! Success in what you propose!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Apply for a internship while a student