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In life you must always have a model to inspire you and learn  things who help you form as a human. For example, a model in my life is MY MOTHER. For me, my mother is an angel, it is the person who erases my tears when i am crying, is the person who with just one hug offers me so much warmth, it is great. From her I learned that a person must be good. My mother's first quality is goodness. Help all people. It's just a good and special mother. I like to stay in her arms, tell her that I love her, kiss her cheek and tell her she's the best mom.

    I could never lie to my own mother. Maybe we hid some tiny things from her, but I always had a weight on my soul. . I greatly appreciate my mother. It helps me when I have a problem.

  But, returning to the model of life. I learned from my mother that a beautiful girl must also be intelligent. That's why she always helped me with school and taught me that school is on the first place. She told me that at any moment of life I must behave like a real maid, to prove elegance and beauty. She educated me with my father as a princess. They are amazing parents.

     For everything that happens to me, I will thank my parents and especially my mother. She's a super woman. I love her and I am grateful to her.



I'm glad you have such a mother. It is good to have someone who is always near you and give you the best advice. It is also important to be grateful for what you have.



I'm glad you had a good relationship with  your mother, she has sent some very beautiful and true teachings . It seems that there is a harmony in your family . You describe your mother exactly at the height at which must be described a mother.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » DESCRIBE A RELATIVE WHO COULD BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL