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a new place in Romania

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I thought I had visited all the country. I was wrong. Romania is a place with many misteries and I needed an amazing trip to realize this.
There was an ordinary morning of June. I just have finished school and I was happy because the holiday starts. For three months I will not have any homework, or I will not be requested to wake up at 6 am. Everything was just perfect. Then, something strange happened. I received an email from an ukrainian company. It has been saying I was elected for a trip in the Island of Snakes. An old island situated at 45 km far from the Romanian coastline, owned by Ukraine. This island was romanian land before world war 2. I thought it will be a perfect occasion to see something new.
I talked with my mother, I paid and I was ready for the adventure of my life. The gathering point was Costanta. I took a train to arrive there. In 12 hours I was already meeting my mates. There were few children from Romania but they were awesome. I made many friends in that trip. A ship was docked and it was waiting for us. We boarded the ship and for the next 4 hours that was our home. It was funny, funnier then I was expecting.
At 3 PM we arrived. It was a wonderful island even if it was wilderness. Our guide had started talk about some animals and plants but I saw something more interesting. At 2 km it was a military base. I approached cautious and one of my friends saw me. I thought he will try to stop but she told me to wait him. Thatís a true friend! We sneaked through a hole in the wall and we saw one big tank. We had been trying to get in when a soldier saw us. He took us and got us back to our guide. It was not very good for us, but to be honest it worthed.
We return back after two days. It has been my best experience so far!



Good job! In my opinion, your composition is quite well written, the grammar used was good.
However, I have only one thing to add. I think that the whole purpose of this writing ( a new place in Romania) was to acctually describe the place. I don't think that the last part with the soldier was appropriate.
Good luck!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » a new place in Romania